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Well Water Testing

Well water testing is available for those who have a concern about their drinking water. A well water test involves inspecting all visible plumbing, such as faucets, plumbing under kitchen and bathroom cabinets, visible waste and supply lines, and pressure tank hookup fittings. We do not inspect the well, well head, septic tank, or leach/ drain field. These are left to industry professionals who install and service them. Contaminates may be present in wells because of their location and surrounding environment. For example, a well may be located at a farm house surrounded by fields and barns that may contribute material that can contaminate the well water. The Wisconsin DNR recommends testing your well water at least once a year for bacteria and nitrates. They also suggest having an initial test for new owners and for new wells that look for lead, radon, pesticides, iron, PH and hardness. This can make the homeowner aware of possible contaminates so they can make accommodations or remedy the problem if one exists.

The EPA recommends that the Nitrate level stay below 10 ppm(parts per million). This is done so that expecting moms and young children do not become exposed to high levels of nitrates. Also, mothers that are expecting may find that high levels can possibly contribute to “blue-baby syndrome” found in infants and babies up to 6 months old.

Other tests can be taken that may deal with the notice of taste, color, and odor. For example, if you smell sulfur you may want to have your water tested. If you notice a change in taste in the water you may need the water tested as well. This is because a possible change has taken place in your water supply and well. By taking the initiative when noticing these changes, you can help protect and maintain a safe water supply for you and your family.

I use a local Certified Testing Laboratories, so I can make sure tests are received in a quick and timely manner, because water tests are only good for 48 hours. This means that tests are only performed Monday through Thursday and sent overnight to ensure samples are good. Fee includes inspection, sampling, lab test, and shipping and handling. For more information you are welcome to visit the EPA Website and Wisconsin DNR Website.