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Pools/ Spas

Swimming Pools are considered a permanent structure either in the ground or partially above, and are capable of holding 42 inches in depth of water. Spas are jetted tubs that may set above or partially below ground. Pools and spas can be an enjoyable feature of and especially when well cared for. Pools and spas need to be maintained regularly. Maintaining pools and spas entails checking hoses, filters, water chemistry, structure, covers, pumps, and more. These all need to be working properly in order to have continued safety and enjoyment. For example, cloudy water may mean that your pH is out of balance. A poor water stream may mean your filter is plugged. These issues will eventually lead to increased problems if not dealt with right away.

Here in Wisconsin, outdoor pools and some spas require winterizing. This means that you need to first follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to prepare the pool/spa for the winter months. For example, you may need to drain some of the water and install a winter cover over the pool/ spa top. This will allow for expansion of the water when it turns to ice. Pumps, hoses, filters, and other water lines connected to the pool/spa need to be drained as well. There are many websites and YouTube videos on the internet that may help you better understand how to maintain and prepare your pool/spa. You may also call your local Pool man for more information.

Some maintenance tips:

JDH Inspections LLC puts great effort in making sure that your pool/ spa is inspected thoroughly. We want you to know of any issues that may hinder your use of the pool/ spa, and also understand the maintenance items need to enjoy its use. Please contact JDH Home Inspections LLC for your Pool/ spa inspection.

We make no guarantees of our inspections. We perform the best inspection possible with the current conditions as they present themselves. Inspections are only a snapshot in time, and conditions may change over time.