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Home/Rental Maintenance Inspections

Would you go through life without a physical?  Then why not give your home one!  A home has many parts that need periodic inspections to make sure they are providing protection and comfort for you.  As time goes on things wear as your body starts to wear as you grow older.  Having a Home Maintenance Inspection involves looking over your home to help you identify problem areas in hopes to catch them before they become expensive to repair or even replace.  Just as a doctor looks you over to better determine your health we will evaluate your home from top to bottom focusing on the items that we feel will have the most adverse affect on your overall safety, function and comfort.

A home maintenance inspection is the way to go. Some of the items included with this inspection are:

The inspection will take approximately one to two hours and you will be provided with a report and include pictures of all items discovered along with a maintenance checklist.

We ask that you take a proactive approach to maintaining your home and not wait until a major defect creates problems.

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