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Fire Extinguisher Service

How would you like to go to use a fire extinguisher only to find out that it does not work? If this happened, it would greatly affect your safety and could result in a loss of property. This can be avoided by having yearly maintenance inspections performed on your fire extinguishers.

JDH Inspections, LLC offers yearly Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Inspections. JDH Inspections LLC serves the surrounding areas: Durand, Menomonie, Eau Claire, Ellsworth, Mondovi, Eleva, Pepin, Spring Valley, Elmwood, Alma, Osseo, and other areas. According to NFPA 10, all commercial properties are required to have their extinguishers inspected monthly as well as having a certified inspector perform a yearly maintenance inspection that will go more in-depth. Handheld fire extinguishers also need to be thoroughly and internally inspected every 6 years and have a hydro test performed every 12; carbon dioxide is required every 5 years. Inspections are carried out according to NFPA 10 Section 7 guidelines. These guidelines and standards were developed to make sure extinguishers are properly maintained to provide for your safety.

For example, NFPA requires that extinguishers be placed within reach of your work space. OSHA requires that every person have access to an extinguisher. Employees need to be properly trained in the operation of a fire extinguisher, and be updated every year. This will help increase confidence in operating a fire extinguisher. As an owner of a fire extinguisher, it is very important to read and understand its operation. One way to remember fire extinguisher operation is to use the PASS acronym. To use: PULL the pin and hold nozzle away from body. AIM the extinguisher low, to the base of the fire. SQUEEZE the extinguisher’s lever evenly and slowly to ensure distribution. SWEEP the nozzle from side to side.

With JDH Inspections LLC you can be confident that your equipment is:

JDH Inspections LLC fire extinguisher service will help you take the fight to the fire.

Fire extinguisher inspection pricing starts with a $12.50 service fee and $3.50 (plus tax) for each extinguisher inspected (parts and testing is extra). JDH Inspections LLC will provide on-site service according to the NFPA 10 Standards. All fire extinguisher inspections may include, but are not limited to:

Please call for your inspection now and we will get you scheduled in.


"We have been very pleased with the work that Dave has done for us here at Panther Bus Service. He’s friendly, efficient and prompt with the quality service that he provides. We also like the fact that his business is a local one. We highly recommend JDH Inspections LLC."

-Mike and Kathy Weisenbeck – Panther Bus Service